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donaldson torit

As the leading manufacturer of industrial air filtration solutions, Donaldson Torit offers the broadest range of dust, fume and mist collection products. No matter your industrial filtration requirements, Donaldson Torit can solve your indoor air quality problems.

american vacuum logo

American Vacuum Company is a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners for production lines, material handling, warehouses, and other dust intensive factory areas.

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AMETEK ROTRON® line of regenerative blowers are designed based on the regenerative principle available in many configurations designed to meet specific applications.

Turmoil is a U.S. manufacturer of industrial liquid chillers. We are completely familiar with the challenges of achieving precise temperature control while minimizing downtime in a harsh industrial environment.

MacroAir engineers of air logo

MacroAir is the pioneer of the HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fan industry and dedicated to continually innovating and perfecting the world’s most efficient fans for businesses.

US Duct logo

US Duct is an American manufacturer of industrial ducts and industrial ductwork solutions. Their products used to serve a variety of needs, including industrial ventilation, dust extraction and pneumatic conveying.

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Hansentech is a manufacturer that provides fire protection solutions for industrial applications. They distributed Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems manufactured in the USA.

Hansentek dot com logo

We are in partnership with many other brands and manufacturers to bring a wide variety of products and offering for your business needs. Check out the complete listing and details information.

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With over 40 years combined application experience, we provide engineered solutions to aerospace manufacturers, voc-tech schools, metalworking and woodworking facilities, grain and food processors. We supply dust, mist and fume control equipment, central and portable vacuums, parts washers, chip handling machinery, clean rooms, sound enclosures, machine isolation, and many more custom product solutions.

Here is a sampling of installations we’ve done over the years for our clients.

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