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No More Gearboxes. No Maintenance Costs. Newest Technology for Industrial Fans

Hunter Industrial, a division of Hunter Fan Company, has been reinventing industrial ceiling fans since the debut of its marquee product, the Titan. Never stopping the boundaries of what’s possible, Hunter’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation is why they remain unrivaled today—and why a Hunter fan lasts for generations.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Hunter Industrial designers, engineers, and technicians work together to test, prototype, and fine-tune the way to perfection. They continue to surpass the most stringent industry requirements—their competitors. And since every fan 100% factory tested before it is shipped, you can count on quality products to deliver the results you want when you need them.

Product Line: Titan  |  ECO  |  XP  |  Controls

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What makes Hunter Industrial fans so different?

So, how do Hunter Industrial fans deliver on all this efficiency sweet talk?

  • More efficient motors

  • Fewer blades for less stress-inducing torque

  • Airfoils designed to reduce drag while improving performance

  • The kicker? All that performance, for mere pennies a day.

The Hunter Difference – Efficiency

Hunter Industrial HVLS fans are 50 percent more efficient than competitors’ products. This is basically a fancy way of saying Hunter fans move more air but with way less energy (or horsepower for those of you keeping score). This means your HVAC system won’t have to work nearly as hard. (Translation: Lower operating costs and year-round savings.)

You’ve never experienced an install this easy. Your coworkers can even go to lunch. Everything that could be pre-installed for you, well, Hunter did. All Hunter Industrial fans come with pre-installed bolts, prewired downrods, and pre-aligned mounting brackets. You won’t need any blade clamps either, thanks to the proprietary Quick Connect Blade Retention System.

Hunter Industrial’s HVLS fans are true prizefighters in the ring—without any of the heft. When Hunter reinvented the industrial ceiling fan, they said goodbye to the gearbox. And good riddance—to the noise, the clutter, and especially the weight. They also reduced the number of blades, parts, and hardware (after working with aerospace engineers to maximize fan performance). Even at 24 feet in diameter, these aircraft-grade aluminum fans are up to 30 percent lighter than typical high-volume, low-speed fans. And these direct-drive beauties still run circles around competitors by moving more air for less money.

Hunter Industrial’s high-volume, low-speed industrial fans are made to last. And last. With little to no upkeep along the way. That’s just how it goes for a gearless direct-drive motor with two bearings to its name. But reliability isn’t just about the motor. It’s everything that goes into a Hunter ceiling fan. It’s the fact that designers, engineers, and technicians work alongside each other—collaborating and testing their way to perfection at Hunter’s in-house research and development lab. They build our ideas from the ground-up—all the way to your facility’s ceiling. That’s why they can promise you a headache-free future. And why they offer one of the best warranties in the industry.

Hunter Industrial ditched the gearbox. The result was the innovative direct-drive motor that’s the heart and soul of their industrial fans. Way, way lighter. Jaw-droppingly efficient. More powerful than any other industrial ceiling fans out there. And wicked affordable (think lower install, operation, and maintenance costs).

Product Line

There are large industrial ceiling fans. And there’s the Titan — the flagship product of Hunter Industrial. Available in five sizes, this master of the ceiling pushes air into every nook and cranny of your facility — slowly, steadily and silently dominating output with its colossal blade span of 24, 20, 18, 16, or 14 feet. That’s what the high-volume, low-speed fan is all about. You won’t hear it coming. But oh, you will feel the difference.

Hunter Industrial continues its tradition of innovation with the launch of its ECO line. These high-volume, low-speed fans are the most lightweight and economical industrial fans in the market. And with blades ranging in diameter from 24 to 8 feet, spaces like auto shops, fitness centers, and dairy farms can experience controlled temperatures — at a cost that blows the competition away. Simply put, the ECO does more with less!

Similar to the Titan, the ECO utilizes a custom direct drive motor specifically designed for the industrial fan market and blades designed by aerospace engineers. The ECO line offers a full range of control options, including the standard 1:1 analog control and networkable touchscreen controls with the flexibility to manage up to 30 fans. Plug-and-play technology and lightweight components make the ECO quick and easy to install, meaning your fan will be up and cooling your facility in no time.

Introducing the newest addition to Hunter’s industrial fan line – the highly-efficient XP series, specifically designed for year-round HVAC cost savings and hassle-free installation. Engineered with a direct drive motor and industrial components, XP fans come with a standard 2’ rigid mount and are powered by readily available 110v input. This quiet featherweight boasts variable speed control to provide fully adjustable airflow for maximum performance and efficiency, all at an unrivaled value.

Pre-assembled, patent-pending components and plug-n-play wiring – we make it fast and easy. Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better, the #1 most trusted name in ceiling fans continues to provide you with the maintenance-free reliability that is synonymous with every Hunter fan. XP is available in 14-foot, 12-foot, 10-foot, 8-foot, and 7-foot diameters.

You should have options in directing how much airflow and when that air cools and moves humidity out. Hunter couldn’t agree more, so they engineered three different controls for their fans. These network control options are the best on the market, utilizing a TCP/IP communication protocol. TCP/IP is the basic communication language or protocol that is used for the internet. Most companies utilize outdated, complicated communication protocols like MSTP, which require a person experience with the setup of MSTP.

Premium Control

The premium control combines state-of-the-art features with outstanding design and performance. The True Glass Projected Capacitive Touchscreen features a 16:9 LED wide color display and is the ideal choice for demanding applications and even the harshest environments. A faster, more reliable Ethernet connection delivers greater performance and reliability than any other network controller in the industry. With two switch function Ethernet ports and a power connection, Hunter’s plug-and-play technology design makes installation a breeze. Available in two sizes—a 5” screen that controls up to five fans and a 10” screen that controls up to 30 fans.

Basic Control

The first-class touchscreen control is designed to offer outstanding performance at an outstanding price. Using a more reliable Ethernet connection gives Hunter fans the ability to connect faster than any other network controller in this industry. Equipped with Hunter’s plug-and-play design, receptacles for both RJ45 and power are included, giving you the most robust solution. The Basic Network Control is a 5” touchscreen and can control up to five fans.

Standard Analog Control

The 1:1 analog control comes as the standard option with all Hunter Industrial fans, giving you true variable speed and direction control. The standard analog control can be daisy chained to control multiple fans simultaneously. It is housed in a standard single gang junction box that may be installed like a regular switch or mounted directly to a wall. The 1:1 control does not require any additional power sources because it is powered by the drive.