Industrial Curtain Manufacturer

Soper’s is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed SoftWall Enclosures, Partitions and Curtains. We develop solutions that address your industrial challenges, such as dust and particulate containment, odour, fume, noise and temperature control, and cross-contamination.

    SoftWall Enclosures

    Soper’s SoftWall Enclosures are easy to install, dismantle and relocate. They are the ideal alternative to traditional rigid wall systems such as drywall, concrete, block or metal clad.

    When you purchase a Soper’s SoftWall Enclosure system, you are getting more than fabric and steel frames. You are getting a complete turn-key solution. Soper’s prides itself on providing its customer with a value-added approach in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing its products.

    SoftWall Curtain Partitions

    Whether it is a production floor, food processing lab, or warehouse/distribution centre, there is always a need to enclose or segregate a process or area – or add one without compromising work-flow. Soper’s SoftWall Partitions are the smart alternative to traditional rigid wall construction (such as drywall, metal cladding, or concrete) in an economy where being flexible is the key to success.

    Clearflex Strip Curtains

    Soper’s Clearflex Strip Curtains are an effective, economical solution to control temperature, welding flash, dust, fumes, and noise. Their overlapping strips create a curtain or door to help keep these unwanted problems out while letting you and your equipment in. Available in standard, low temperature, food, and welding grade polyvinylchloride (PVC), Soper’s Clearflex Strip Curtains are custom cut to your specification. Soper’s also carries a complete inventory of PVC roll goods in a variety of widths and styles.

    Retractable Curtains

    From heavy industry to the automotive aftermarket to aircraft hangars to recreational facilities, there is always a need to intermittently enclose or section off areas to control and contain dust & fumes, welding flash, temperature, and overspray. Soper’s Retractable Curtains range from smaller curtain systems – easily retracted by just one person – to large floor-to-ceiling moveable wall systems that divide entire buildings.